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Interior Accessories

Brands That We Carry

High Country Accessories is an authorized dealer and installer for Katskinz leather seat covers, the brand most often used by car dealerships when offering leather upgrades on inventoried models. There are many options, from mild to wild.

Other interior products include: A wide range of neoprene and fabric seat covers from Wet Okole, Ruff-Tuff and Covercraft. Leather steering wheel covers and floor mats from Weathertech.

Take the chill out of next winter with Seat Heaters and/or a Remote Start. Seat Heater can be added to your OEM seats whether cloth or leather or when upgrading seat covers. We are an authorized dealer for Viper Remote Start / Alarm Systems. So when you want to take the chill out of your ride next winter, we can help

Seat Covers
Seat Heaters
Floor Mats
Leather Steering Wheel Covers

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